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Omega 3 fish oil and digestion

The omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA help to keep the cell membranes healthy.

Cell membranes are semi-permeable, allowing nutrients to flow from the intestines into the bloodstream. If cell membranes are damaged due to insufficient omega 3 fats, this results in a malfunction in allowing nutrients in and keeping harmful substances out. This can impair digestion of food greatly.

You may have heard a lot about the importance of probiotics, keeping a good supply of the healthy bacteria in your stomach. Omega 3’s help to maintain a healthy balance and encourage the growth of the healthy bacteria.

One of their major benefits is their anti-inflammatory powers which come from the DHA fats primarily. This helps to reduce the effects of inflammatory bowel conditions like Crohn’s disease and ulcers too.

Other health benefits

Apart from the beneficial link between omega 3 fish oil and digestion, this natural wonder also keeps your heart healthy, lowers high LDL cholesterol, lowers high blood pressure, has anti-cancer properties and improves your mental health too, keeping your brain healthy.

The right oil

If you want the omega 3 fish oil and digestion benefits, you need the best oil available, especially as there are so many poor quality ones around today.

Look for one rich in DHA omega 3 fats as they provide most of the benefits to keep you healthy. A good daily dose would be around 600mg a day, and most have far less so check the label or website carefully.

Purity is an issue today as our oceans are so polluted. To make sure your oils are free from any toxins, they should be molecularly distilled. Again, check the label to see this has been done.

I get mine from a company in New Zealand which is one of the last pristine lands on earth and produces some of the purest oils in the world.

Now you know the truth about omega 3 fish oil and digestion, why not add these supplements to your daily routine and help yourself to a healthier and longer life.

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