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It is essential that you only select DHA mercury free fish oils as this is one of the most harmful toxins. Discover how to find them here.

Mercury Free Oil

The problem is that in pursuit of bigger profits, the manufacturers churn out poor quality oil and do not ensure that all the toxins are removed. Instead they hope for the best and play with your health in the process.

Mercury affects the nervous system by adversely impairing the brain. Ingesting too much mercury can lead to such drastic consequences as trembling, dementia, personality shifts, and more.

For children the consequences are even more dire, resulting in learning difficulties and their small bodies are not able to process the poison as effectively as adults.

Although the levels found are small, no one knows the long term effect of taking fish oil with traces of mercury in, as not enough research has been carried out.

The company my family and I get our DHA mercury free fish oils from tests for mercury 10 times more thoroughly than international standards dictate, just to be sure. They check down to 10ppb (parts per billion) as opposed to the international standards set at 100ppb.

You should be able to check whether your chosen oil is pure and mercury free by looking for a CoA or Certificate of Analysis on the company’s website.

This should clearly state what was tested for, down to what levels and if any contaminants were found.

You also want to avoid other toxins like arsenic, lead, PCBs and dioxins, all of which should be on the CoA.

To get the maximum health benefits, the oils should be molecularly distilled to remove all traces of the toxins and this process actually enriches the oil even more in the precious omega 3 fats.

Now you know how to select DHA mercury free fish oils, you can soon enjoy the maximum health benefits with none of the risks.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

The fish oil supplements my family and I use come from the pristine land of New Zealand. The company, called Xtend-Life, uses the local hoki fish which are extremely pure and rich in DHA and they come from a healthy and sustainable source.

As they use two purifying processes, their oil is among the purest and freshest in the world and offers over twice the anti-inflammatory benefits of any other oil.

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