Fish Oil vs Flax Seed Oil – Is There a Clear Winner For Your Health?

The on-going fish oil vs flax seed oil debate rumbles on and unless you are vegetarian, there really is only one clear winner.

The winner is, as you may already have guessed, is fish oil. There are many reasons for this and while flax seed oil is beneficial to your health, unless you have to take it, you are better off health wise with omega 3 fish oils.

The problem centers around the type of omega 3 fats that each one provides.

Flax seed oil will give you ALA omega 3 fats and these are used differently in the body to the DHA and EPA found in fish oil. If you are vegetarian then it is likely that you are deficient in omega 3 fats, along with at least 85% of the population, and taking daily flax seed oil is very beneficial.

One of the more heated arguments in the fish oil vs flax seed oil debate is that of conversion.

While many websites would like you to believe that it is an easy conversion from ALA to the more useful EPA and DHA, this is not the case.

Some conversion takes place but very little and this becomes almost non-existent in older and less healthy people.

Now the fish oils give you EPA and DHA omega 3 fats and both of these are more effective than ALA, but it is DHA that provides most of the health benefits.

Due to its structure, it is able to easily be converted into EPA if the body needs more, but this conversion does not occur the other way around.

It can be said that as flaxseed oil provides a different kind of omega 3, that it is a good idea to take a little of both if you are able, to get the best of both worlds and this seems like a good solution.

I hope you have enjoyed this brief overview of these two types of omega 3 fats and can see why, if you’re not vegetarian, fish oil provide many more health benefits to protect your present and future health.

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