The Difference Between EPA and DHA That Can Affect Your Present and Future Health

DHA omega 3 fatsThese two main fatty acids found in fatty fish may be more familiar to you now, but there is a world of difference on how they impact on your health.


EPA is probably the most familiar one and stands for eicosapentaenoic acid while DHA is more of the new kid on the block and stands for docosahexaenoic acid.

Now EPA has been marketed heavily over the last few decades and in fact was originally thought to be the best type. It is also cheaper to use and easier to produce, which helps to increase the profits!

While an important omega 3 fatty acid, all the recent studies in the last ten years point to DHA as the main one that has the most health benefits for you.

For a start, it’s important to remember that you can only get EPA and DHA from what you eat, as they are not made in your body, and this is why more than 90% of the population is thought to be lacking in them.

Now your brain is made up of around 60% fats and half of these fats are DHA, and they are also prevalent in the retina of your eye. These fats are essential for a healthy mental state and studies in Finland showed that volunteers who took 2 fish oils a day for six months were far less likely to have suicidal thoughts and felt an increased sense of well-being.

Another breakthrough recently was when American and British scientists discovered that the DHA fats were converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory substance in the body named Resolvin D2.

This not only helps with more obvious conditions linked to inflammation like arthritis, but it can also help to lower inflammation in your body, and halve your risk of a premature death from a sudden cardiac arrest.

It is thought that most diseases including cancer, start with inflammation and by lowering yours, you can potentially increase your life-expectancy and live a much healthier life too.

The Best Oils

The oils my family and I use come from the pristine land of New Zealand, one of the most untouched lands in the world, and free from pollution.

Their oils have no detectable traces of toxins in them, which was part of the attraction as my young sons aged 7 and 5 take them. This gives me complete peace of mind that I am not loading them up with toxins at such a young age.

These oils are molecularly distilled and many oils out there are not and so contain traces of toxins, so check the label carefully.

Regarding DHA, look for 300mg in each standard 1000mg soft gel for the most benefits.

Make no mistake about it, ensuring you get the optimal EPA and DHA ratio can really have a positive impact on your present and future health and mental well-being.

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