EPA DHA Ratio – What’s The Best EPA and DHA Ratio in a Fish Oil Supplement?

EPA and DHAIf you’re looking for a quality fish oil supplement, what is the optimal EPA and DHA ratio you should get? The answer may surprise you.


I guess you are familiar with the fact that EPA and DHA are both important omega 3 fatty acids found in the highest amounts in cold water fatty fish like hoki and tuna.

The truth is that although EPA is the prevalent fat in most fish oils today, it is actually the DHA ones that provide most of the health benefits.

The optimal ratio

Ideally, you want about twice as much DHA as EPA.

Each standard 1000mg fish oil soft gel should contain at least 250-300mg of DHA or you will be robbed of the benefits. So the best ratio is around 2:1 DHA to EPA.

These should be written individually on the bottle or company’s website and if they are combined, avoid the oil as it will always be higher in EPA as it is easier to produce and cheaper to use!

The DHA benefits

To underline the importance of these fats, these are the only ones that are converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory substance called Resolvin D2.

The anti-inflammatory powers of fish oil are the foundation of its effectiveness, since most disease start with inflammation, even cancer.

In addition, DHA fats make up half of the fats in your brain and need regular replenishing to keep it healthy and maintain good mental health. They can help you avoid depression, anxiety and even Alzheimer’s and these fats are not made in the body, so they have to come from your diet.


In addition to the EPA and DHA fatty acids, you should look for a pure oil because if not, the benefits could be cancelled out.

A molecularly distilled oil will have all the toxins removed as this process separates them from the oil by weight. Some company’s use a further purifying process to make absolutely sure and publish a CoA or Certificate of Analysis on their website to prove it.

As you can see, getting the optimal amounts of EPA and DHA in the correct ratio can significantly improve your health and protect your future well-being too.


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