Natural Remedies For Inflammation

Natural Remedies For Fighting InflammationIf you are looking for natural remedies for inflammation, there are many options available to you, but the first one to consider is DHA omega 3 fish oils and here’s why.

The power of fish oil for fighting inflammation

The omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA provide one of the most effective and natural remedies for inflammation around.

The principle ones are the DHA fats as they are converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical called Resolvin D2. This lowers inflammation in your body and helps to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis and other joint problems.

What makes inflammation so deadly is that it sneaks up on you and over time, the cumulative effect is a chain reaction of various health conditions ranging from arthritis and chronic pain to more serious issues such as atherosclerosis, aneurisms, strokes, brain disorders and ultimately death.

It is a fact that by simply taking a couple of fish oil supplements each day, you can effectively halve your chances of a premature death from cardiac arrest.

In addition, you get many other benefits to including improved brain and mental health as the DHA fats are abundant in your brain and essential for maintaining healthy tissue.

Other benefits include a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, lower blood pressure, anti-cancer properties, prevention and treatment of diabetes and arthritis and many more.

It is worth remembering that these oils are not made in your body, hence the term “essential oils,” and must come from your diet only.

The over-used NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen can and do have many serious side effects over time including worsening of the condition, internal bleeding and stomach ulcers.

In one study, it was found that the people taking omega 3 fish oils rich in DHA were able to reduce or in many cases eliminate their use of NSAIDs as the oils were so effective.

The right oil

Like any nutritional product on the market today, there are good and bad ones and fish oil is no exception.

With a bad one you may be unwittingly introducing substances into your body that you do not want like mercury, PCBs or even increasing your load of free radicals. You may also only be getting minimal anti inflammatory benefits or even none at all.

Simply ensure your chosen oil is molecularly distilled to ensure the toxins have been removed. In addition, the company I use publishes a CoA or Certificate of Analysis on its site to prove that no detectable levels of any contaminants were found.

As you can see, DHA omega 3 fish oil supplements make one of the best natural remedies for inflammation and give you a wealth of other vital benefits too.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

My family and I get our DHA fish oil supplements from a company in New Zealand called Xtend-Life. NZ is one of the last pristine areas left on earth and the oils have no detectable levels of toxins in them, unlike the majority of supplements.

They are a blend of tuna and hoki oil and produce over twice the anti-inflammatory benefits of any other oil, to provide the fastest and most effective natural relief from joint pain and arthritis.

In addition, they contain some of the highest levels of DHA fats, around 300mg in each 1000mg capsule so you get the maximum health benefits to protect your well-being now and in the future too.

Visit Xtend-Life’s website today to find out more.

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