Why You Should Only Use Molecularly Distilled Fish Oil

Molecularly distilled fish oil

Hazard warning sign

There’s no doubt about it, using molecularly distilled fish oil is essential in order for you to avoid the toxins like mercury and lead. However, most oils are not put through this process.

As you may guess, it’s all about money as this process is time-consuming and expensive for the manufacturer. Many tell you that their oil is pure enough and that the levels are within international standards.

Don’t Risk It

However, while the levels may be small, taking them daily will gradually increase the levels and is especially bad news for kids who benefit greatly from this oil, as their immune system are under-developed.

Also, no long-term studies have been done on the effects of many years of ingesting these poisons.

The usual suspects found in fish oils today are lead, mercury, dioxins and PCB’s, so please only use a distilled oil, just look at the label or check the website to see.

The Right Oils

The company I use called Xtend-Life in New Zealand also puts the oil through a further proprietary cleansing process which results in one of the purest oils in the world, with no detectable levels of toxins at all.

Many critics or manufacturer’s trying to justify why they don’t do this, say that the natural form of triglyceride (the most effective and beneficial form) is eliminated in the process of molecular distillation. Triglycerides help in preventing heart diseases and high cholesterol.

This is true of many company’s but again the oil I use is still in its natural form and contains no synthetic triglycerides, so you get the maximum absorption and health benefits.

The best companies will also put a CoA or Certificate of Analysis on their website to show full traceability from boat to bottle. This ensures you also get a fresh oil and know the batch of fish it came from.

You will also see what was tested for and what toxins if any, were found.

These wonderful natural omega 3 oils should be the foundation of any supplements you take and can significantly improve your present and future health, and are especially good for your heart and brain health.

Just ensure you follow the tips in this article to get the most effective and pure molecularly distilled fish oil possible and reap the many health rewards.


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