What Every Pregnant Woman Should Know About DHA During Pregnancy

DHA During PregnancyOne of the main natural substances that can significantly help you and your baby is DHA omega 3 fats, nothing else comes close, but be sure to use a safe and pure source.

DHA During Pregnancy

Omega 3 fats are the good polyunsaturated ones that most of us need more of. The best source is fatty fish and the dramatic decline in fish consumption has led to the omega 3 deficiencies.

Coupled with the fact that most of us eat too many omega 6 rich foods which are pro-inflammatory, the situation needs rectifying…omega 3’s to the rescue!

Of the two main types, EPA and DHA, the DHA fats offer most of the health benefits as you may know.

DHA during pregnancy is crucial because the baby needs plenty of it, not surprising when you consider that over 70% of their brains and nervous system is composed of DHA fatty acids.

Studies have shown that if you take fish oils in the first trimester, you have a greatly reduced chance of having a premature or underweight baby.

In addition, taking oils consistently during your pregnancy can help you to have an easier one and significantly reduce the likelihood of suffering from post natal depression. Studies have shown that after the birth, your DHA levels fall very quickly and a lack of these fats can increase your chances of depression.

Continuing with the daily fish oils is the best advice and also it’s perhaps important to bear in mind that breast milk is rich in DHA fats, containing around 1.5%. These omega 3 fats need constant replenishing and are not made in the body.

The only way you can get them and therefore your baby too, is by taking quality DHA fish oils as the fresh variety contains a wealth of toxins today.

Look for molecularly distilled oils as this process separates out the toxins from the oil to leave it safe and pure. You should be able to check the manufacturer’s website to see the purity levels and where the oil comes from.

Although it’s a personal choice, taking omega 3 DHA during pregnancy really helps to lay a solid and healthy foundation for your child and helps to keep you in great shape too.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

The fish oil supplements my family and I use come from the pristine land of New Zealand. The company, called Xtend-Life, uses the local hoki fish which are extremely pure and rich in DHA and they come from a healthy and sustainable source.

As they use two purifying processes, their oil is among the purest and freshest in the world and offers over twice the anti-inflammatory benefits of any other oil.

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