What Are The Symptoms of Inflammation To Look Out For and How To Prevent a Premature Death From Inflammation

Most inflammation is a necessary part of the body’s defence mechanism and helps to protect us from illness and disease. Here are some of the symptoms and how to find the best natural cure.

So what are the symptoms of inflammation?

When the body needs to repel disease, it sends white blood cells and other chemicals to fight them and this results in inflammation symptoms like swelling, heat, pain and redness in the affected area.

Sometimes the body mistakenly thinks that healthy cells are to blame and attacks them leading to what is known as autoimmune disease and here the inflammation is more constant and never really goes away, resulting in arthritis and other joint problems for example.

One of the most serious types of inflammation in the body has no symptoms at all and is known as the silent killer as it strikes without warning and is one of the leading causes of heart attacks and strokes.

You can significantly help with these conditions by taking a daily fish oil supplement rich in DHA omega 3.

They have powerful anti-inflammatory properties that help to naturally lower levels in the body, effectively treating arthritis while lowering blood pressure and preventing heart disease.

Health experts reckon they are the most important change that we can make to our diets as over 90% of the population is thought to be deficient in omega 3 fats.

The DHA fats are converted into Resolvin D2 by the body which is an extremely powerful anti-inflammatory chemical and helps to restore the balance as well as improve many other aspects like brain functioning and memory and helps to protect against many types of cancer.

To make sure you get the best look for high amounts of DHA, around 250mg per supplement and ensure the oil has been distilled to remove all the toxins from the fish like mercury and lead unless proven to be free of them.

At this time the hoki fish from New Zealand’s pristine waters is the best as it is totally pure and contains naturally high amounts of DHA fats.

I hope this article has answered the question of what are the symptoms of inflammation and has shown you the most effective and natural remedy available with omega 3 fish oils.

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