What Are The Benefits of Taking Omega 3 Fish Oil – The 5 Main Benefits That Protect Your Health

Benefits of Taking Omega 3 Fish Oil So what are the benefits of taking omega 3 fish oil? This natural wonder is perhaps the most important substance ever discovered for human health and here’s why.

#1 Improved Heart Health

If you get the right oil, you can significantly improve your cardiovascular system. The omega 3 fatty acids help to prevent hardening of the arteries and thin the blood the prevent clots from forming.

They are shown to lower high LDL cholesterol levels and triglyceride levels too, and are able to strengthen the heart’s electrical system to prevent any abnormal rhythms, the cause of many sudden deaths.

#2 Younger Looking Skin

It’s true, if you want to look younger for longer without resorting to cosmetic surgery, then fish oils can help. They  help to keep your skin soft and supple and their anti-inflammatory power can combat conditions like acne and even eczema.

They help to moisturize your skin from the inside out, helping to maintain the right moisture and pH balance. Some companies offer premium fish oils which contain added antioxidants like lycopene and astaxanthin.

These help to reverse the effects of photo-aging or too much sun exposure and reduce the wrinkles and roughness considerably.

#3 Protection From Cancer

The best oils can provide some protection against cancer. Studies at the University of Birmingham have shown that omega 3 fats are particularly good at preventing breast and prostate cancer, keeping the tissues healthy.

#4 Excellent Mental Health

Do you find yourself forgetting things more often, I know I do!

One of the many benefits of taking omega 3 fish oils, especially those rich in DHA fats, is the effect they have on your brain. They provide essential nourishment and help to keep the membranes healthy, improving your memory and concentration.

The latest research also shows how they could help to prevent/treat Alzheimer’s as they appear to be able to stop the plaque build-up.

#5 Less Inflammation

The best DHA fish oils are powerful anti-inflammatories which means they make an effective treatment for arthritis, with many people being able to reduce or come off their NSAIDs and prescription meds altogether.

Inflammation in the body is known as a silent killer because it has no symptoms and strikes without warning. By taking fish oils daily, you can reduce your risk of a sudden cardiac arrest by more than 40%.

Now you know the benefits and how easy they are to attain, why not look to add a couple of quality oils to your daily routine, and enjoy a longer and much healthier life.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

My family and I get our DHA fish oil supplements from a company in New Zealand called Xtend-Life. This is one of the last pristine areas left on earth and the oils have no detectable levels of toxins in them, unlike the majority of supplements.

In addition, they contain some of the highest levels of DHA fats, around 250-300mg in each 1000mg capsule so you get the maximum nourishment to protect your health now and in the future too.

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