The Truth About Krill Oil Capsules Revealed

Krill oil capsulesThere’s no doubt that krill oil capsules have increased in popularity recently, but once you get the facts, you will realize they are simply more hype than substance.

Krill Oil

The problem with any short-lived fad is that the manufacturers use hype and extremely misleading or inaccurate adverts to lure you in.

They say that krill oil capsules are the best source of omega 3 fats and that in addition they are absorbed more easily. This is unproven and untrue.

The truth is that krill oil contains far less omega 3 fats, especially the most important one called DHA which basically provides most of the amazing health benefits.

To give you an example, the fish oils my family and I take contains eleven times more DHA fats and three times ore EPA fats than the leading krill supplements. In addition, they cost far less!

As you can see, you are really losing out on the benefits.

There is another problem here with the krill oil capsules and that’s sustainability. Whilst fish oils are a by-product and only 10% of that oil is used for supplements, the krill are hunted purely for their oil.

This means that fish oils have a zero impact on the marine ecosystem while the krill fishing is in danger of harming the delicate balance.

These small shrimp-like crustaceans are essential to the whole food chain, from smaller species right up to the giant whales and removing large quantities of them can only spell disaster.


Now there is one advantage krill oil capsules have over ordinary fish oil and that’s astaxanthin. This is a potent antioxidant and helps to keep you healthy by quashing free radical damage that can lead to disease.

However, a quality premium fish oil like the one I take has added astaxanthin (ten times more) and also lycopene, to protect your health, so it’s just a matter of shopping around.

Lastly, there is the issue of purity. For the most part, these tiny krill are very pure and contain little contaminants. Any fish oil you use can be just as pure if not more pure by ensuring they are molecularly distilled to remove the toxins while preserving the integrity of the natural oil.

There is simply no doubt about it, using krill oil capsules instead of quality fish oils will rob you of many health benefits, will mean you pay more for less and also means you are contributing to a potential disaster for the marine ecosystem.

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