The Best Fish Oil Soft Gels and How To Find Them

Best Fish Oil Soft Gels If you want the best fish oil softgels, there are certain things you need to be aware of or you may end up with one that offers little or no benefits.

The best fish oil softgels     

These will be the purest, freshest and most effective, Simple, right? Well due to the explosion in demand for this natural wonder, many companies are now promoting poor quality oils. Learn how to spot the fakes and get to the ultimate oils fast.

The first thing I look at is the omega 3 content. These fatty acids are why fish oil is so good for our health and especially its powerful anti-inflammatory qualities.

You need to check the website or label carefully and be clearly able to see the relative amounts. For example, the oil my family and I use comes in a standard 1000mg capsule. However, the omega 3 content is around half of this, and a mix of DHA and EPA fatty acids.

Many companies have far less omega 3 content than this and also still provide far more EPA than DHA, mainly because this is cheaper to produce and easier to source.

You ideally want an oil rich in DHA fats, with a 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA for the maximum health benefits. Basically, you want to get at least 500mg daily of DHA fats.

These are behind the oils anti-inflammatory powers and keep your brain healthy too. They help to reduce your chances of a premature death from cardiac arrest by a massive 40%.

The best fish oil softgels will also be extremely pure, with no detectable levels of toxins at all. Look for a supplement that has been distilled to remove the toxins that the fish pick up in the polluted oceans and store in their flesh.

There has been a recent scare about PCB contaminants in fish oil but the brand I use has no detectable levels as it is distilled and then put through another purifying process. In addition, it comes from the pristine waters of New Zealand, one of the last truly unpolluted areas on earth.

So there you have it, how to find the very best fish oil softgels and supercharge your present health and protect it in the future too.



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