Omega 3 DHA and Fish Oil For ADHD – The Effective and Natural Treatment

Omega 3 DHA and fish oil for ADHD has proven to be an extremely successful natural treatment, without the harmful side effects of the pharmaceutical stimulants.

 DHA and fish oil for ADHD  

The DHA is a type of omega 3 fatty acid found in abundance in the brain and also responsible for reducing inflammation in the body.

Children with ADHD and also autism tend to have significantly lower levels of these essential fatty acids in their brains. It is not fully understood why, though recent research shows that these children may have trouble synthesizing the omega 3 fats from the food, as they are not made in the body in humans.

By ensuring the brain is healthy and the membranes fluid, it results in increased concentration and memory and reduced hyperactivity, although it may take some weeks or months to become fully apparent.

However, unlike drugs like Ritalin, there are no side effects. In fact these DHA omega 3 fats provide a wealth of other benefits including a healthier heart, lower cholesterol, treatment for many skin disorders as they maintain the correct moisture balance and a stronger immune system, helping to ward off many cancers.

As well as DHA and fish oil for ADHD, decreasing your child’s omega 6 intake, as you may know, will also help. These lead to increased inflammation and disrupt the natural 3/6 balance.

Omega 6 comes in processed foods, sunflower oil, takeaways, pastries etc, unfortunately all the things most children like! However, you only have to cut down, not remove completely for the maximum benefits.

Around 80% of psychiatrists recommend DHA fish oil supplements to children and adults with ADHD as part of their treatment to help them manage the condition more effectively and naturally.

The main factor to be aware of when selecting oils is the contamination.

The best oils will be distilled to remove traces of mercury and lead, which can actually trigger health problems over time. Check the label or website as it is essential to use only the purest oil. I have a young son with mild autism and he gets a pure and DHA rich oil each day.

I use a company from New Zealand as they have the purest and freshest oils rich with the right omega 3 fats, and I can give it to my son and my family with complete peace of mind.

If you have a child with ADHD, try to use a natural option as the first course of action rather than a last resort, and using quality fish oils is a healthy foundation to start on.

Discover the purest and most effective DHA fish oil for ADHD available today.

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