Joint Inflammation – Treat and Prevent It Naturally With Omega 3 Fish Oils

There’s no doubt that taking omega 3 fish oil can have a significant impact on joint inflammation, but until recently it was not known exactly how it worked. Here are the results of the latest research and how to ensure you get the right oil.

Some inflammation in the body is normal as it is the body’s defence mechanism working to repel foreign invaders that harm it. The problems start when the body views a healthy part, like the cartilage in the case of joint inflammation, as a foreign invader and this is called an autoimmune response.

British and American scientists have finally found out what happens to the important DHA omega 3 fats in the body.

They are turned into a chemical called Resolvin D2 which has far reaching anti-inflammatory properties and is especially good for treating rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease.

In studies where people with arthritis were given daily fish oil, some of them were able to lower or even come off their prescription medications such was the healing effects of this natural substance.

NSAIDs for example can provide temporary relief, but come with a whole host of side effects including worsening of the condition in the long term. Many people were able to stop using these drugs after taking fish oils for a few months, according to further studies.

Only omega 3 fish oil has high concentrations of both DHA and EPA fatty acids as plant sources like flaxseed oil contain ALA fats which are not as beneficial and are rarely converted into DHA.

Other benefits include lowering of bad or LDL cholesterol while raising the good or HDL levels, better vision and memory, improved brain health and protection against degenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s and also protection against breast and prostate cancer.

They are many more but too many to list here with new discoveries being made all the time! It is estimated that over 90% of the population is deficient in omega 3 fats as the human body cannot make it. This means it must come from our diets and the declining consumption of fish is the main reason for our deficiency.

If you want effective treatment and prevention of joint inflammation, look for a quality oil high in DHA. It should be distilled to remove impurities like lead and arsenic unless proven to be 100% pure, which is rare. Recently it was found that a blend of pure Hoki and distilled Tuna oil provides over twice the anti-inflammatory benefits of any standard oil although the reason is not known!

Choosing the right fish oil supplement can really help to ease any joint inflammation you have naturally and prevent it from returning being one of the most beneficial natural substances known to man.

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