How To Choose High Quality Fish Oil

high quality fish supplementsThere are a number of factors to know before you select a high quality fish oil, and once you know these, you can get the maximum health benefits without the risks.

Avoid the risks

The sad fact is that the vast majority of oils available today are cheaply made and offer little benefits. One of the major drawbacks is that often there are traces of toxins like PCB’s, mercury and dioxins.

So an important factor is purity and a simple way to ensure you get a pure one is to only buy molecularly distilled oil. This process separates out the oil from the toxins and enriches it even more in those valuable omega 3 fatty acids.

It is also good to be aware that “pharmaceutical grade oil” does not exist!

This is a term made up by the industry to make the oils sound more credible, but that’s all it is, a made up name which means nothing.

The company I use for my fish oils from New Zealand actually uses another process too to ensure that there are no detectable traces of toxins at all in their oils.

Next you want lots of omega 3 fats, especially the main two DHA and EPA. You may be more familiar with EPA oils but this fatty acid is nowhere near as useful as DHA.

All the recent studies have shown that in fact DHA fats are responsible for most of the health benefits, especially anti-inflammatory ones and for your heart and brain as your brain contains lots of these fats.

Look to get at least twice as much DHA as EPA in each capsule for the maximum health benefits.

The benefits of high quality fish oil

  • A healthier heart
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Healthier and younger looking skin
  • Increased brain and mental health
  • Excellent for young children’s development

These are just a handful of the many benefits you can expect from this wonderful natural oil, and many more are discovered each year.

Lastly, freshness is also essential as I have found many oils today have added flavouring and enteric coatings, both of which are unnecessary.

A pure fresh oil has little smell and will not repeat on you, while a stale or rancid one will. To get round this, manufacturers add extras or use enteric coatings to disguise the fact they are using cheap, poor quality oils, so look out for these types.

Our featured omega 3 source

My two young sons and I take fish oils from a company called Xtend-Life in New Zealand, as I mentioned earlier.

What really attracted me to these oils was the fact they are so pure and not only for me, but I can give them to my children with complete peace of mind that I am not loading them up with toxins.

Additionally, they contain lots of the right omega 3 fats and have over twice the anti-inflammatory qualities of other oils.

Visit Xtend-Life’s website today if you would like to find out more.



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