How Many Milligrams of Omega 3 Fish Supplements Is The Optimal Daily Dose?

With so much confusing and conflicting advice around today about how much fish oil to take, it can be hard to get to the truth. Get the facts here and improve your health.

The right amount

So, how many milligrams of omega 3 fish supplements should you take?

To be honest, the answer is not that simple! This is purely because the quality of what you take is more important that the quantity, as with many other things in life!

If you had the best fish oil, then two 1000mg capsules a day containing at least 50% omega 3 fats and a 2:1 ratio of DHA to EPA omega 3 fatty acids would be optimal.

The right oils

Most fish oils today are very poor quality and do not exclude the harmful toxins that the fish carry. Yes they can be very cheap and affordable, but offer more hazards than benefits.

Here are the main things to look for to ensure you end up with the right oils.

You want at least 50% omega 3 fats and you would be surprised how many have a lot less to increase the profits. Check the label or website carefully.

The main benefits of these fish oils come from the main fatty acid – DHA. Most companies use more EPA fats, the other main one, because it is cheaper to source and easier to produce.

However, all the recent research from the last ten years shows us that it is in fact the DHA fats that offer most of the benefits.

For example, scientists in the US and Britain recently discovered that the secret to this oils anti-inflammatory power was the DHA fats. They are converted into a powerful chemical which lowers inflammation in the body and which is called Resolvin D2.

DHA fats are also found in high quantities in the brain and in the retina of the eye. These need to be replenished daily and omega 3 fats are not made in the body but only come from your diet.

DHA fats can help to ward off dementia and help to lift your mood, helping you to treat/prevent depression and anxiety naturally.

Look for at least 250-300mg of DHA fats in each fish oil capsule and ensure you can see the individual levels on the label, not a combined EPA/DHA one.

You should also look for molecularly distilled oils to ensure that the toxins have been removed.

As you can see, knowing how many milligrams of omega 3 fish supplements to take each day is just part of the story.

By taking a quality oil, you can help yourself to a longer and much healthier life.

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