Finding The Best Fish Oil Supplement Brand – 4 Key Factors To Look For To Protect Your Health

Xtend-Life Fish OilsFinding the best fish oil supplement brand is no easy task, with most brands claiming to be the best! However, once you know the main 4 factors to look for, it becomes much simpler.

The Best Fish Oil Supplement Brand   

Here are the main factors to look for when selecting the highest quality and safest oil.

#1 Purity

What does pure oil really mean? Many companies try to suggest that all is well in the oceans and there is no danger of contamination, what nonsense!

Many brands have been removed from sale due to unacceptable levels of toxins like PCB’s, mercury and lead.

The only way to be sure your oil is safe is if it’s been molecularly distilled. This can be an expensive process for the manufacturer and hence why so many avoid it. It separates out the oil from the toxins and enriches the oil more in the valuable omega 3 fats.

The company my family and I use also puts the oil through another proprietary purifying process that results in some of the purest oil in the world.

#2 Omega 3 Content

You may be surprised to learn that many supplements don’t contain enough omega 3, so as a guide, look for at least 50% omega 3 fats in the fish oil.

The main two are called DHA and EPA but it is the DHA fats you want more of as they are responsible for most of the many health benefits.

As the optimal daily dose of DHA fats is around 500mg, look for at least 250-300mg of these fats in each standardized 1000mg fish oil gel.

#3 Freshness

Without a doubt, the fresher the oil, the more benefits you get and far less chance of it repeating on you.

Many companies use stale and rancid oil and cover it up with unnecessary enteric coatings and flavourings. Simply pierce a gel and smell the contents – you only want a faint ocean aroma and nothing more.

Most fish oil is frozen and this reduces its potency. Some companies like the one I use, process the fish at the shore after the catch and do not freeze it, thus retaining the maximum health benefits for you.

#4 Price

Don’t be fooled into thinking the more expensive oils are better. A good example of this is the massively over-priced prescription fish oil called Lovaza.

By average comparison with the oil I use, to get the same amount of omega 3 fats, I would need to spend over six times as much if I used Lovaza!

So, you can get the best fish oil supplement brand for less than $20 a month and no more. This would contain high levels of DHA and zero contaminants.

It has recently been stated by a world leading health expert that the biggest single dietary change that anyone could make to improve their health is to take daily omega 3 fish oils.

Now you know what to look for, why not start right now!



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