What Should a Prenatal Fish Oil Blend Contain For The Maximum Benefits?

Fish Oils When PregnantWithout question, a prenatal fish oil blend should be rich in DHA omega 3 fats and have no detectable levels of toxins. Find out how to ensure you get these in your oil.

 A prenatal fish oil blend  

Taking a high quality fish oil is one of the simplest and most effective ways of helping your baby and yourself to better health.

Many studies have arrived at the same conclusion that taking fish oil while pregnant (and afterwards too!) results in better development for the baby and an easier pregnancy too.

DHA is the main omega 3 fat and the reason why most infant formulas are fortified with it. These omega 3 fats cannot be made in the body and so must come from your diet.

The growing baby needs the DHA fats to maintain healthy brain development and this supplementation is also thought to improve vision as the retina in the eye needs lots of DHA.

For the mother too, fish oils mean a healthier pregnancy with a reduced risk of premature birth and a significant reduction in the chances of getting post natal depression.

The right prenatal fish oil blend

If you want to get these valuable benefits and safely, here is a brief guide to ensure you get the best.

Purity is essential and you may be surprised to hear that the majority of fish oils contain traces of toxins from the fish. These include PCB’s, mercury, lead and arsenic.

The only way to ensure a pure oil is to check that it has been molecularly distilled. This process removes the toxins to leave a pure oil.

The company from New Zealand that I use also puts the oil through another purifying process to achieve some of the purest oils in the world, with zero detectable levels of toxins.

New Zealand is one of the last pristine places left on earth, with clean waters unaffected by pollution. It’s good to check where your oil comes from as this can be a good indicator of the potential quality, although they should always be distilled.

You also want an oil rich in DHA fats so look for a least 280mg in each 1000mg capsule or around 600mg a day.

Now you know what a prenatal fish oil blend should contain and not contain, ensure you take a daily supplement to help ensure the health of your baby and your own health too.

Discover the purest and most effective omega 3 fish oil supplements available today.

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