Are Fish Oil Supplements During Pregnancy A Good Idea?

Fish Oils When PregnantIt seems that most things are off limits when you are pregnant, with companies being extra cautious. However, as long as you find a pure source, taking fish oil supplements during pregnancy can really boost you and your baby’s health.

With a high quality distilled oil you can take them throughout the whole pregnancy and afterwards too is a good idea.

These omega 3 fatty acids contain two main types called EPA and DHA and it is the DHA fats that you want.

These fats help to replenish your own which you and your baby need. Much of your baby’s brain is composed of these DHA fatty acids and they are essential to your baby’s growth.

Other benefits include less chance of a premature birth and underweight baby, a significantly reduced chance of suffering from post natal depression (as long as you continue with the oils after the birth), an easier pregnancy and more energy and endurance.

The DHA fats are of course great for your brain too which is composed of 60% fats, half of which are DHA.

You will find most companies will advise you to not take their fish oils while you are pregnant, but for the most part this is just standard practice.

If you are sure the oils are completely pure and contain no traces of toxins, then they can really help you and your baby.

The best way to ensure purity is to only use molecularly distilled oils and look for a CoA or Certificate of Analysis on the company’s site.

Distilled oils have the toxins removes and the CoA should show the toxins tested for, to what degree and if any traces were found. Be aware that most fish oils are not distilled and may contain traces of these toxins, so check carefully.

You also want lots of DHA and unfortunately most fish oils tend to have more of the less effective and cheaper EPA fats. Try to use one with at least 250-300mg of DHA in each 1000mg capsule for the maximum benefits.

As you can see, fish oil supplements during pregnancy can be a real boon to you and your baby’s present and future health, you just need to select them carefully.

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