Fish Oil For Women – Protect Your Health and Slow Down The Aging Process

Best Natural Oil For WomenThere’s simply no doubt about it, fish oil for women carries many important benefits as long as the oil is fresh, pure and rich in omega 3 fats.

Fish oil for women

This natural oil helps on many different levels and primarily offers protection against a premature death from sudden cardiac arrest. Although seen mainly as a concern for middle-aged men, increasingly more women are falling victim too.

Increasingly poor diets rich with omega 6 fats (pro-inflammatory) from processed foods, takeaways, sunflower and canola oil and fried food, all put pressure on the heart.

Omega 3 fish oil is a strong natural anti-inflammatory and can halve your risk of a heart attack or stroke.

Fish oil for women can also help in the fight against breast cancer according to research from the University of California, and also help to maintain healthy breast tissue.

The studies concluded that when a quality DHA omega 3 supplement is taken daily, fewer breast tumours will develop.

Danish researchers have found that fish oils can help to reduce the symptoms of PMS, helping them to become much milder and they can even help to reduce the symptoms of the menopause too, especially the hot flashes.

Your skin is a clear winner with the best oils as they help to moisturize from the inside out and help to maintain the correct moisture and pH balance. Some companies offer premium fish oils which have added antioxidants like lycopene from tomato oil in them.

These help to reverse the effects of over-exposure to the sun, reducing wrinkles and the leathery feel, thickening up the skin and leaving it softer, smoother and more supple.

Your mental health will receive a boost too from the DHA fats and help you to avoid depression and anxiety while lifting your mood.

The trick is to select an oil rich in omega 3 fats, especially the DHA fats which provide most of the health benefits.

The oil should be pure and fresh and you can test this for yourself by piecing a soft gel and smelling it. You should get a faint ocean smell but if instead you get a strong fishy smell then oil is stale or rancid and will offer little.

If you want to help roll back the years and boost your overall mental and physical health, then why not add a couple of fish oils to your daily routine to help you achieve it.

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