Fish Oil For Dogs – Give Your Dog a Longer and Healthier Life by Selecting The Best Fish Oils

Fish Oil For DogFish oil for dogs are as important to them as they are for us, helping to improve a range of health conditions and preventing the more serious ones from occurring later in life.

Fish oil for dogs

This natural omega 3 oil is among the most commonly used supplement in all of veterinary medicine, to the point that they are not even recognized as an alternative treatment nowadays!

The right fish oil supplements can have such great benefits for your dog including prevention of cancer, effective treatment of arthritis, lowering of dangerous cholesterol levels and prevention of heart disease.

I have witnessed my older dog limping around who, after a few weeks taking daily oils, was running and moving much more freely, and looked like another dog!

Quality fish oils for dogs are also exceptionally good for healing those hairless dry, irritated areas and encourage the hair to grow back and promote a healthy sleek and shiny coat.

The right oil and dosage

Although dog food packages claim that they contain omega 3 fatty acids, they usually lack in the most important ones, which are DHA and EPA, and in fact contain surprising little, if any at all.

Supplementing fish oil for dogs is important to ensure their health. After all, they do enough to look after us in return.

The normal dose for an average dog would be one 1000mg capsule or soft gel daily. This is half of the optimal adult dose and applies to quality oils with at least 50% omega 3 content.

My dogs get the same fish oils that I use, as you should not compromise on quality or the benefits will be very limited! Many oils are sub-standard and contain traces of toxins from the fish.

To ensure the oil you give to your dog is pure, ensure they have been molecularly distilled. This removes all the toxins but is only carried out by a handful of companies.

To get the maximum anti-inflammatory benefits, which is the foundation of good health, look for an oil rich in DHA omega 3 fats. These are converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical in the body and help your dog to avoid more serious degenerative diseases later on.

I hope I have shown you how extremely beneficial fish oil for dogs can be in keeping your dog happy and healthy and how they should form an important part of their daily diet.

This natural oil really can help to keep your dog young and help it to live a longer and much healthier life.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

The fish oil products my family and I use and give to our dogs daily come from the purest source in New Zealand.

The company we use produces some of the best omega 3 supplements you will find anywhere in the world, thanks to its pristine setting and also its high quality-control standards.

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