The Best Fish Oil For Children – Find Out How To Select The Safest and Most Effective Fish Oil

Best Fish Oil For Children With just such a vast range of fish oil supplements around today, finding the best fish oil for children can be a daunting task. However, once you know exactly what to look for, it becomes relatively simple.

The best fish oil for children   

The highest priority when it comes to kids is safety and as a parent of young children myself, I realize what this means.

With so many stories of supplements containing toxins like mercury and lead, it can and does put a lot of parents off, which is a shame. Yes it is true that many oils are poor quality and contain traces of these, but there are a handful that do not.

The best fish oil for children will be molecularly distilled. Check the label or website to see as this process removes the toxins and enriches the oils further in the valuable omega 3 fats.

The company my family and I use is based in New Zealand and puts their oil through a further purifying process that results in some of the purest oil in the world. In addition, the area in New Zealand they come from is one of the last pristine paradises left on earth with next to zero pollution.

So now you want the most effective oil for your children, especially as the omega 3 fats are proven to significantly help with their developmental skills and overall health and well-being.

There are two main omega 3 fats called DHA and EPA and while most oil contains lots of EPA, this is ineffective. All the recent research has shown that the DHA fats provide most of the benefits, especially for the brain and development in young children.

This is why mother’s milk and infant formulas contain high levels of DHA to provide the best possible start in life!

These oils rich in DHA can even help to alleviate the symptoms of ADHD and autism too.

Look for oils containing at least 250mg of DHA fats in each 1000mg capsule as you will find most contain far less. Up to the age of around twelve, one of these capsules a day is optimal, half the adult dose.

You should also avoid any oil especially for kids as these tend to be far less effective, poorer quality and often have unnecessary additives and flavourings. If you get a quality oil, it will not result in those fishy burps or unpleasant odour.

If you child cannot swallow yet, just do what I do and pierce a soft gel and squeeze into their morning drink or onto their food. As long as they consume it fairly quickly, no benefits are lost!

Now you know what to look for to get the very best fish oil for children, they can soon being enjoying the many benefits without any of the risks.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

My family personally uses quality fish oils from a company based in New Zealand because we know they are some of the purest in the world and therefore present no dangers to us, and especially our young children.

They employ stringent quality controls, far exceeding the US FDA regulations, and skillfully blend pure NZ hoki oil with distilled South Pacific Tuna oil to release the maximum health benefits possible.



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