DHA Omega3 Fatty Acids and How They Work To Protect Your Health and Future Well-Being

The DHA omega3 fats are by far the most important ones and the very best source comes from cold water fatty fish. So how do you ensure you make the most of them?

The DHA fats are proven in the last decade in countless studies and clinical trials to provide the majority of the health benefits and here’s why.

These are the omega3 fats that provide the anti-inflammatory powers of fish oil and one which saves thousands of lives each year.

Inflammation in the body is known as the silent killer as it creeps up and strikes without any warning. By taking a quality DHA omega3 fish oil each day, you can basically halve your chances of a premature death from sudden cardiac arrest.

Inflammation is the root cause of most diseases including cancer and not just the more obvious ones like arthritis.

Only the DHA fats are converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical that protects you.

Fish oil has always been associated with good brain health and the DHA fats are the reason. They make up a large proportion of the fats in your brain and need to be replaced daily for optimum brain and mental health.

The DHA omega3 fats are not made in your body but are synthesized from what you eat, mainly fatty fish or supplements. This and the huge decline in eating fresh oily fish has led to an estimated 90% of the population having an omega3 deficiency.

You will find that just about every fish oil supplement on the market today contains more of the other main omega3 fat – EPA. While useful it cannot compete with the DHA fats and as a result you lose out on many of the health benefits.

My family and I get our DHA fish oil supplements from a company in New Zealand called Xtend-Life. NZ is one of the last pristine areas left on earth and the oils have no detectable levels of toxins in them, unlike the majority of supplements.

In addition, they contain some of the highest levels of DHA fats, around 250-300mg in each 1000mg capsule so you get the maximum nourishment to protect your health now and in the future too.

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