Brain Enhancer Supplements and Why Omega 3 Fish Oils Are Simply The Best

Brain Enhancer Supplements There are many types of brain enhancer supplements available today but none will give you the magnificent benefits that a quality omega 3 fish oil can and here’s why.

Remember how your mother perhaps said that fish was good for your brain, well she certainly turned out to be right!

It is the essential omega 3 fats DHA and EPA that provide the help, but especially the DHA fats. The truth is that most of us are lacking in these fats as we eat less of the principle source – fatty fish like tuna, salmon and hoki.

Even then, popular fish like salmon are mostly farm raised and contain little omega 3 compared to the wild ones.

So how does omega 3 work as a brain enhancer supplement?

The DHA fats are essential for keeping the membranes healthy and enable the transmissions in your brain to be sent more clearly and quickly.

They achieve this by helping to remove any debris-build-up and by keeping the tissues healthy and nourished.

The only way to replenish these fats is via your diet as your body does not manufacture them!

Scientific research from around the world showed that societies that consumed the most fish had the lowest incidences of depression and dementia. It occurs so consistently that it cannot be a coincidence.

In some cases, taking fish oil for depression may be nearly as effective as prescription antidepressant medication. As an increasing amount of research is demonstrating that fish oil can be an effective add-on (adjuvant) therapy for depression, more and more medical professionals are recommending that their patients include fish oil to alleviate the symptoms of depression.

A large study in Finland found that the people who ate fatty fish regularly or took supplements had a 35 percent lower risk of being depressed and a 43 percent lower risk of having suicidal tendencies.

These oils are so effective it is thought they can help to prevent and treat serious degenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s by preventing the build-up of plaque on the brain.

Dementia is going to become the world’s number one health problem soon with a rising elderly population, and one of the biggest burdens on the health systems.

As well as being one of the best brain enhancer supplements, omega 3 fish oil can help to keep your heart healthy, keep your skin younger looking and healthier, reduce cholesterol, prevent and treat type 2 diabetes and strengthen your immune system, helping to ward off cancer.

Now you know how effective these oils are as brain enhancer supplements and how they help you to live a longer and healthier life, why not add a couple of quality supplements to yo

ur daily routine and reap the maximum rewards.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

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