The Importance of Giving Children Omega 3 Fish Oil To Significantly Improve Their Development and Protect Their Future Health

Giving Children Omega 3 Fish Oil There’s no doubt about it,  giving children omega 3 fish oil helps their overall health and development, especially as most children and adults are lacking in these valuable fatty acids. Discover how they work and how to ensure you get the safest and most effective source.

Giving children omega 3 fish oil

The main omega 3 fats are known as DHA and EPA, with DHA being the one responsible for most of the benefits, especially developmental ones.

The amount of these fatty acids is declining in fresh fish due to farming techniques and the amount of toxins being found is rising. These include ones like mercury and lead, which are especially harmful to children.

The benefits of this oil however are immense and proven after decades of study.

They have been shown to increase the verbal ability, language and cognitive awareness, improve hand-eye coordination and significantly enhance memory and concentration abilities.

This is why they are proven to help with the symptoms of ADD and ADHD, promoting a calmer child who can concentrate better naturally, without the use of powerful pharmaceutical drugs and their side effects.

DHA fatty acids are essential for pregnant and nursing mothers and so much so that most baby formula is fortified with DHA!

My own son has mild autism and after 3 months on the right fish oil supplements, my family and I noticed a huge improvement, especially in his language and social skills that just wouldn’t have happened otherwise.


Don’t be fooled into thinking that giving children omega 3 fish oil supplements is always a safe alternative to fresh fish.

Many if not most still contain traces of the toxins as they are not distilled. Always check you are using molecularly distilled oils as this process removes all the toxins. The company I use from New Zealand has some of the purest oils in the world, allowing me to give them to my kids without any worry.

In fact, they have no detectable level of toxins at all, highly unusual!

You also want to check you are getting plenty of those valuable DHA fats to help your child’s development. Look for at least 280mg in each 1000mg capsule or soft gel, and around half that amount in EPA fats (important but less useful fatty acids).

You will find most oils have far more EPA as it is cheaper to produce and source, but try to avoid these as they are far less effective.

Now you know that giving children omega 3 fish oil is essential to their development, as long as you only use the purest and most effective source possible.

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