Children and Omega 3 and Why It Lays The Foundation For Proper Development and a Healthy Immune System

Children and Omega 3 There’s no doubt about it, the link between children and omega 3 is well documented, with many exceptional benefits for their development and overall health.

Children and omega 3

Giving your children omega 3 is possibly the best addition you can make to their diets, especially as they tend to eat so much processed foods today, and very little oily fish (the best source of omega 3).

Studies have shown that DHA omega 3 fatty acids make up 97% of the omega 3 fats in the brain, and make up around half of the total fats. These are needed to ensure the cells are healthy and the membranes are supple and ensures the maximum development potential.

These omega 3 fats are not made in the body but come from the diet only, so it’s essential to increase their intake of omega 3 fats, especially DHA.

In other studies these oils were shown to help improve verbal ability, concentration, memory, hand-eye coordination and general cognitive awareness.

A study done in Germany showed that when they gave schoolchildren a daily fish oil capsule, their test scores increased by up to 20%, compared to those that did not receive any omega 3 fats whatsoever.

I know from personal experience the effect these oils can have, as I have a young son with mild autism. Children with autism and ADHD tend to have far lower levels of omega 3 fats in their brains and after a few months of daily fish oils, the difference was very noticeable.

His speech and awareness improved markedly and his overall development increased more than it would have done otherwise, as far as we as parents could tell.

One of the problems with children and omega 3 fish oils is actually getting them to take it!

If they are too young to swallow, then pierce a capsule and pour it into their morning drink or onto their food, as long as it’s not too hot. They will get the full benefits as long as it’s consumed fairly quickly.

Kids often complain, and rightly so, about the fishy burps and aftertaste, but with the best oil, there is little smell and no unpleasant fishy burps. In fact, the oil my family and I take guarantees no repeating or we get a full refund!

Look for pure and fresh oils only, and especially ones that have been molecularly distilled to remove all the toxins. Don’t get oils especially for kids as they tend to be lower quality and have lots of unnecessary additives.

So there you have it, why children and omega 3 fish oils are a perfect match and why they should be a part of every child’s daily diet.

Our Featured Omega 3 Source

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