The Truth About Omega 3 Joint Relief Revealed

Joint relief with omega 3You may have heard how omega 3 fatty acids found in fatty fish can help with arthritis and other joint problems. So are these natural fats as effective as NSAID’s and is omega 3 joint relief really effective?

Omega 3 joint relief

According to recent studies, many people with arthritis and joint pain found that using quality DHA fish oil were as effective if not more so than NSAID’s.

Of course, omega 3 fats bring many more health benefits to the table while the medications have side effects, especially ones like aspirin.

However, the omega 3 fats in the fish oils will take longer to work and of course not everyone will benefits so greatly from them.

I can testify to their power when I experienced gout in my big toe for the first time and after taking fish oils for a couple of weeks, all the aching had gone and I had full movement again which I had partially lost.

If your condition is not too severe, then the natural way should be your first option rather than a last resort.

So how does omega 3 joint relief work?

It is primarily the DHA omega 3 fats that provide the relief as these are the only ones that are converted into a powerful anti-inflammatory chemical called Resolvin D2. This significantly lowers inflammation in your body, reducing your chances of a premature cardiac arrest by 40%.

They also lower inflammation in your joints, reducing any swelling, improving your range of movement and reducing or eliminating the pain or aches.

The right oil

Getting the right oil in the right amount is crucial, as you may have guessed. Fish oil is the best source of omega 3 fats and it is estimated that 90% of the population is lacking in them.

You want an oil rich in DHA fats, which is not as easy as it sounds as most have much more EPA fats which are important but less useful, especially for inflammation as I mentioned earlier.

Look for a daily dose of at least 500mg of DHA which means each standard 1000mg capsule should contain 250-300mg of DHA.

The standard dose is two a day but as long as they are pure, you could start with 4 a day depending on your condition. You should do this for a month and then try to reduce the dosage.

The pure DHA fish oil I personally take is a blend of hoki and tuna oil and has over twice the anti-inflammatory qualities of any other oil for the maximum benefits.

Now you know the truth about omega 3 joint relief, why not add some quality fish oil supplements to your daily routine and reap the many health rewards they offer.

What’s The Best Fish Oil?

In my opinion, this one from Xtend-Life in New Zealand, because of the reasons above, but specifically:

  • It has over twice the anti-inflammatory qualities of any other oil
  • It’s high in those vital levels of DHA that make it worth consuming omega 3
  • It’s sourced ethically and from clean oceans
  • Their processing methods ensure absolute freshness and purity
  • They filter out any harmful toxins that some manufacturers leave in by molecular distillation
  • It’s the best of its kind, yet still costs less than some other brands we’ve used
  • It’s just fish oils with no added extras – no flavours or colours or other weird additives


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