Natural Remedies For Wrist Arthritis Inflammation

Wrist Arthritis InflammationDo you want natural remedies for wrist arthritis inflammation? Using quality fish oils can help support the body’s health and its efforts to provide natural relief from pain.

So how does fish oil work?

The omega 3 fats EPA and DHA are the main ones that provide the relief, although all the recent evidence has shown that it is the DHA fatty acids which provide most of the relief and most of the other health benefits too.

These DHA fats are converted by the body into an exceptionally effective and powerful anti-inflammatory chemical called Resolvin D2.

These help to lower inflammation in your wrist and other joints, and help to maintain healthy tissue.

In fact, studies have shown that people using these fish oils found them to be as effective if not more so than the NSAIDs like aspirin and ibuprofen, but without the side effects.

These NSAIDs do provide quick relief but there is a long term penalty to pay as they can actually worsen the condition too, and have many other side effects as well.

In contrast, fish oils as you may know, help to keep your heart healthy, balance your cholesterol and strengthen your immune system.

What’s the best oil?

With so many to choose from today, you could be forgiven for thinking you will never get the right one!

However, by simply knowing what to look for, the choice becomes much easier as there are in fact only a handful of truly great oils around.

Look for one rich in DHA fats as most contain much more of the EPA ones and you will lose the anti-inflammatory benefits. You want to get at least 600mg each day from two soft gels as a guide.

The oil should also be very pure for the maximum health benefits. Many fish today contains traces of toxins like mercury and PCBs and these are transferred to the oil.

By only using molecularly distilled oils, you can avoid these toxins safely.

Using quality fish oils is one of the best natural remedies for wrist arthritis inflammation and in addition you get a wealth of other health benefits too.

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